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Our combined experience in life allows us to see situations from our clients’ point of view. Over the years, we have become familiar with what kind of problems people are facing in their day to day lives. Problems that, if unchecked, lead to long-term negative psychological and mental effects such as depression, drug addiction, lack of self-confidence/ worth and a host of other issues. Be it emotional distress, death in the family, joblessness, hypersensitivity or obsessive-compulsive disorder, we are fully equipped to deal with and help you transcend these problems.

We are dedicated to delivering excellent counselling and psychotherapy services to our clients through our central Manchester office.

Our approach consists of an assortment of strategies that allow us to really listen to the client; show them that we understand what they are going through and highlight healthy and practical ways through which they can overcome their prevailing situation. We apply expert counselling skills and psychotherapy to connect with the client and show them that no matter how dire the situation currently, they have the power to overcome it and prevail. We help you see why you are worth it; we help you understand that you are much stronger than you think and that with the right steps, you can turn your emotional distress and negative mental situation around and take control of your life again.


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